Vendor Services

Increase your sales by offering your customers equipment leasing as a payment option. It's quick and easy for you and your client. Just calculate the payment and present the lease proposal to your customer.

How does equipment leasing benefit your customer?

  • Solves Their Financial Concerns
    By offering a low monthly lease payment, you can overcome such problems as limited available cash, budget restraints and high prices.
  • Expands Your Sales Volume
    Since a lease can solve your customer’s financial obstacles, offering a lease option will increase your sales volume.
  • Increases the Amount of Your Sales
    A low monthly lease payment allows your customer to afford a higher quality product and additional equipment.
  • Meets Your Customer’s Needs
    Many businesses already understand the benefits of leasing and request this form of purchase. By providing your customers with a lease option, you expedite the sales process.
  • Pays Your Invoice Rapidly
    Many times cash sales have 30-, 60- or 90-day payment terms. A lease funds the invoice the day after delivery and acceptance.
Leasing is quick and easy with Bevenco.
  1. You offer the leasing option to your customers and contact us if there is an interest.
  2. We gather your customer’s financial information for the credit process and provide a prompt reply.
  3. We create the lease contracts and coordinate directly with your customer for signing.
  4. We pay the invoice the day after delivery and acceptance of the equipment.
  5. We offer a variety of lease programs for your customers.
  6. We provide nationwide service. Join our program today by calling 512-266-4999. We can explain to you and your sales staff how to integrate financing and leasing into your marketing program.